About the Bankers' Club at the University of St. Gallen

Founded in 1986 by the Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance and students of the University of St.Gallen (HSG), the Bankers’ Club at the University of St.Gallen (Bankers' Club) strives to build the gateway to the financial services industry.

The Bankers’ Club is proud of being able to provide a rather unique opportunity for companies to meet both ambitious and interested students. In order to achieve this goal, the Bankers’ Club invites representatives from the financial services industry to present themselves and the organizations they work for. Thereby, the Bankers’ Club provides a valuable platform for companies to organize corporate events, at which they can present career opportunities in a great variety of formats to selected students at the University of St.Gallen (HSG). In the near future, the Bankers’ Club will continue to be responsible for intriguing events, innovative activities and fascinating projects, all in close connection to current developments in the financial services industry.


We look forward to meeting you at our upcoming events!

Managing Board

Please reach out to us should you have any questions, insights or ideas.

Martina Gromo - President


Martina completed her Bachelor in Business Administration at the HSG, with an exchange semester in Bangkok. She just started her Master in Banking and Finance in September. She spent a year between university working in Berlin for a biotech and pharma consulting firm, and for the fintech N26. She enjoys skiing, has a passion for baking and travelling.


e-mail: martina.gromo@student.unisg.ch LinkedIn

Zoé Hökfelt - Vice President and Finance


Zoé completed her Bachelor at the HSG in Business Administration in March 2017, and recently started her Master in Strategy and International Management. While a large part of her professional experience was pursed in the Healthcare field, she also worked as a summer intern in the Credit Department of Credit Suisse, Lausanne.

Besides her studies, Zoé likes to engage in different kinds of sports, music and going out with friends.


e-mail: zoe.hoekfelt@student.unisg.ch | LinkedIn

Ophelie Caveng - Events Coordinator


Ophelie is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in International Affairs. She has engaged in different internships in the commercial sector as well as in the hotel industry. Ophelie has always been interested in politics and international trade therefor she intends to obtain her master in international relations. Beside her studies she is passionate about reading as well as travelling to discover new cultures. 


e-mail: ophelie.caveng@student.unisg.ch

Jakob Offenbächer - Partner Acquisition


Jakob is studying Business Administration as a Bachelor at the University of St Gallen. His interest in the world of banking is evident through his practical experience at Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt amongst other firms in the financial services sector. Jakob is looking to obtain a Master’s degree in the US upon completing his studies in Switzerland. Outside of University Jakob plays multiple instruments and enjoys a variety of sports. 


e-mail: jakob.offenbaecher@student.unisg.ch

Stefan Vukotic - Marketing


Stefan is currently studying Business Administration (5th semester). He is also in the organising committee of the Banking Days 2017. His aim is to obtain a master’s degree in Banking and Finance here in St.Gallen, after receiving his bachelor’s degree. He has already gained knowledge in banking and finance through several lectures with a focus on the financial sector. In his free time he loves to engage in different kinds of sports.


e-mail: stefan.vukotic@student.unisg.ch LinkedIn

Adrian Koth - Communications


Adrian is currently perusing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. While his practical experience is centered around consulting and marketing, he has also gained organizational experience through diverse leadership rolls. Adrian has developed a growing interest and passion for the banking industry, in which he seeks a future career. In his leisure time he pursues many kinds of sports and enjoys socializing with friends.    


e-mail: adrian.koth@student.unisg.ch LinkedIn

Paul Hökfelt - Trainings


Paul is currently pursuing a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. He worked in the medical field as a summer intern. Nevertheless, he has gained most of his professional experience in the automotive industry where he has enjoyed various internships in accounting and marketing. Paul has always been interested in the Banking sector and intends to conduct a Master in Finance after his Bachelor.

Besides his love for motor racing, Paul loves to engage in different kinds of sports and play music in his free time. 


e-mail: paul.hoekfelt@student.unisg.ch